Day 9 (Back to Cheng Du): Mervin Ng

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Day 9 (Back to Cheng Du): Mervin Ng

Finally we’ve reached the end of our adventures. Time to head back to chengdu. Just like how we got here we had to embark on a grueling 5 hours drive back. On our way back we chanced upon beautiful sceneries. One particular sight was amazing! We stood above a pool clouds and surrounded by gorgeous mountain rangesand had some photo shoot there before we continue our journey.


img_3246The bed of clouds hovering below us!



As we were expecting to arrive at our hostel hellochengdu at 1400 hrs and it was already 1445hrs, we were getting anxious, or rather Yuxin was. Since only the three of us (yuxin, vivian and I) were in the car with the driver, Yuxin was especially scared when the driver was on the phone talking about money transfer issues while Vivian and I were fast asleep. Furthermore we were nowhere near our hostel yet and we were behind time, allowing Yuxin’s vivid imagination to run wild. She thought we were going to get kidnapped lol.

Fortunately, the truth was that driver missed a turn at the third circle and couldn’t get to our hostel located deep within the first circle. Thankfully we arrived safely eventually. Yuxin continued complaining about her anxiety and the fact that she lost so much playing time since she had to leave early at night to catch a flight back home at huangshan. We went back to the room we stayed at on the very first day in chengdu and met with Junwen and the rest. We then found out that one of our sleeping bags went missing! It was later that we found out one of the driver drove off with it. But thankfully he could leave it at Rilong where the next batch of our mountaineers will be going for their ice climbing training in January. (Thus giving us a stern warning to always take care of our belongings when moving from one place to another!)

We then left our hostel and our first stop was our favourite COCO milk tea and Fried chicken! It was my personal motivation as I struggled up to summit Mt.Dafeng. Honestly we looked like a bunch of kids when we joyously ordered our food and drinks.. And to be honest when we tasted it we were a tad bit disappointed 🙁 we continued walking down the streets and it was saddening there was no Christmas feel. We then went shopping at Carrefour anxiously discussed how much we should bring home with our limited and expensive luggage space.

Before yuxin left us we had their local hotpot. We ordered their ‘slightly spicy’ (微辣) soup and boy none of us could take it. I can’t imagine trying their ‘extra spicy’! I’d have to drink the Pacific Ocean for that. We had our last meal and jogged back down memory lane as we laughed at the funny moments of our trip. After Yuxin left, we went to try their massage. It was cheap and good! And it was done by blind people! They were very skillful and accurate in their acupressure points. We had some nice conversations with them and mostly it was Junwen who did the talking as usual #loojunwen21. Went back to pack our stuff and had our last night sleep.

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