Day 7 – Base Camp (4400m)

Redefine Your Limits

Day 7 – Base Camp (4400m)

This was our second day in Base Camp. It was a rest day for us to acclimatize as we had ascended very quickly over the past 3 days with no rest days at all. There was no wake up call today! Most of us enjoyed a good 12 hours of sleep. Some of us had some problems adjusting to the altitude and could not sleep very well. Personally, I dreamt throughout the night and my dreams included some very weird dreams. Yi Qian had a little headache as well.

Sun rising over Base Camp

After having a hearty breakfast, most of us felt fine! There was really nothing much to do in the mountains, so most of us proceeded on to our standard mountain activities. Some went to read, some watched reel rock from Yong Siang’s phone, and others went for a small walk. Yong Siang was the most adventurous in the group and he took off his shirt to reveal his muscular body for a sunbath up at 4400m.

Base Camp

Our trustworthy support crew!

Our Chef


We didn’t really have to eat lunch as we did nothing, but lunch was served anyway and we ate some food. Those who were reading and doing nothing in the morning now felt bored and decided to go for a walk and explore the nearby hill.

On the way back, Samuel, Javier, and Yi Qian had a small engineering project to make the spring water cleaner. We had a small spring nearby that we take our water from and the water was funnelled out of a plastic bottle. Plastic degrades in the sun and they felt that it wasn’t too healthy. It also caused some particles to get into the water. They tried to replace the bottle with a rock but it caused the flow of the water to reduce. They did some major engineering works and destroyed the spring. The porters came back to fix it as they had experience. The success of this project was questionable but at least we had something to talk about! It probably failed since the plastic bottle is still there. Trapping water is not so easy after all!

The horses arrived shortly with our climbing equipment. They could not carry all the gear in one load ferry from yesterday as only 7 out of the expected 25 horses arrived. Unsurprising in India. We took our equipment and were told to prepare for some rope refreshers that would be conducted by Edwin.

Edwin massaging Yi Qian’s head

Gathering for breakfast

Cutting nails

Our water source!


Tea was at 1700 hours and we had pakora! Our rope refreshers started shortly after tea. We refreshed ourselves with the skills of jumaring, abseiling, and crevasse rescue. Our training was held close to sunset and it was becoming a lot colder. Most of us were not well clothed as it was bright and sunny before. The last part of training was bitter cold with mild winds. We were glad when training ended and we proceeded to the dining tent for some hot soup.

Ozgun Balaban

Edwin setting up ropes as the sun sets

Edwin setting up ropes

Ozgun, Javier, and Yi Qian practising their knots

Samuel practising a double fisherman

Yong Siang practising what seems like a double fisherman too

Edwin supervising all of us

Ozgun fixing his cowtail

Daniel and Yong Siang fixing their cowtails

Samuel fixing his cowtail

Javier fixing his cowtail

Ain’t no cowtail to fix, I have a cord 😉

Freezing in the cold as the sun sets

Jumar refresher

Going up and down

Trusting the anchor

Changing anchors

Nice jacket Javier 😉

Giving tension

Rope up!

Rope up again!

Sun setting over Base Camp


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