Day 7 (Ascend to Base Camp): Vivian Lai

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Day 7 (Ascend to Base Camp): Vivian Lai

As usual, we struggled out of our cozy warm heated bed 30 minutes before breakfast was served at 8am. After our sumptuous hot meal, we went back to prepare and get ready to set off for the climb. We started our trek from Rilong and hiked from the entrance of Haizi Gou.


Junwen and Yuxin taking a rest by with the cute white dog!


Mervin and Mao taking the chance to snap a good pic!

Joo Ern posing for a shot!

Joo Ern posing for a shot!


Journey to the West? HAHAHAH

Journey to the west? HAHA


Beautiful canopy framing the forward path!


Marchinggg on!

Model wanna-be?

Model wanna-be?

We took our time to ascend as we slowly acclimatized to the altitude. We stopped by at Bao Hu Zhan (保护站) for a quick hot lunch. Due to our huge appetite, we bought three additional bowls of cup noodles but regretted our decision soon after. The second half of the route was much steeper than the first. You will occasionally smell stinky beef burps. (oops)


The approaching view towards the Base Camp Valley!


Step by step, we will get there!

The thin air made it difficult for most of us to breathe. Few suffered severe headaches and dizziness. However, we persevered and motivated each other to continue taking small steps towards our destination. We took necessary breaks and constantly replenish our bodies with water. Finally, we reached the base camp of Dafeng (4290m) around 5:30pm, before the sky was dark.


Insta worthy pic with Yuxin!

We put down our bags in our tents, layered up and waited patiently for dinner. Dinner was served at 6pm with multiple dishes of vegetables, meats and 1 huge bowl of chicken soup. After dinner, we went back to our tents to keep warm as the temperature fell to negative one degree Celsius. Our camera-enthusiast, Mervin, insisted on capturing the night view despite the cold. Indeed, he was rewarded with magnificent shots of the scenery as he managed to capture the milky way. Can’t wait for the summit push the next morning at 3am!


Rewarded by a blanket of stars.

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