Day 6 — Training Camp

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Day 6 — Training Camp

I woke up feeling good today, thanks to a good night’s sleep! I wasn’t feeling that well a day before due to poor sleeping conditions and vomiting. In fact, I actually vomited twice in my tent and made a mess of the whole tent. It was really smelly (sorry Yong Siang). Yong Siang probably has an interesting story to tell about that night, but I’ll leave that to him. I have never felt more miserable in my life: puking in the middle of the night, in the tent, at freezing temperatures.

Good morning mountains!

Thankfully, I am en route to recovery! I felt ready for training today. We were going to learn how to self-arrest and glissade. We did learn self-arrest in China, but it’s always good to refresh our skills! So what exactly is self-arrest? Put simply, if you slip and fall on the snow, you gotta stop. In order to not slide all the way down the mountain, you should immediately face the snow and jam the ice axe into the snow while maintaining a push-up position. Then using the tip of your boots, you can cut into the snow, push yourself up by sticking your butt out and form a triangular posture for maximum stability.

We practised how to self-arrest and did variations for different cases of falling down. You could fall upside-down, sideways, rolling head-first, or side-first. There are many possibilities and we tried to practise as many as we could. To save yourself, the concept remains the same. Jam your ice axe into the snow.

Glissading is totally new to us and it sure seems like fun. It does seem similar to ice skating. It involves you positioning yourself properly and sliding down the mountain, while standing or sitting. I felt that it was pretty tough for me and I have yet to master it due to my lack of balance.

Ozgun glissading on his butt

“Yi Qian hurry up!”

Look at our happy faces. We are all recovering!

After half a day of training, we returned to our base camp by 1400 hours and did some tent maintenance. We had our lunch and as usual, some of us stayed in the tent till dinner.

Some of us have not recovered from a bad stomach and thus did not have a good appetite. There was quite a lot of food left over. I am feeling better but the whole vomiting saga on the previous night caused me to develop a phobia for spices. I avoided the Dal (bean gravy). I headed back to my tent immediately after dinner. Really looking forward to another good night’s sleep.

Yi Qian


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