Day 6 — Chhatru — Gramphu

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Day 6 — Chhatru — Gramphu

The sky was overcast today, which was great for us! The weather wasn’t too cold nor too hot, and we would have extended periods of hard snow. We made lots of progress within the first 2 hours of our departure.

Did someone put this here?

The sun hiding behind the clouds

A very dim morning

Edwin and the mountains

Our lunch rest point

A very shiny rock

A bunch of birch trees

Our final camp, on a nice green field

Our tent, with the valley we emerged from in the background.

There isn’t really much to write about today. It was a simple walk back to our start point. We did not see anything interesting. However, I kept wondering, if our trip was wasted altogether though. I could have been back in Singapore a week earlier, enjoying the hot sun. But here I was in the cold. There must have been some lessons for us!

I started to reflect on what can be taken away from this trip. And I have a few points:

1) There was a delay at Rohtang Pass. This was due to the heavy snow fall the night before. Perhaps we could leave earlier next time if it was raining heavily in Manali the night before departure. I guess it would not be that applicable for the next trip as it should not be snowing by August!

2) We assumed that there was going to be very little snow. We should never assume and always be prepared for the worse.

3) The local leader only brought 20L of kerosene. We were running out of kerosene towards the end. We were scheduled to be back on the 29th but we had already run out of kerosene on the 26th. Always prepare extra kerosene.

4) The kitchen staff mixed the food, utensils, sleeping mats, and kerosene all together. Everything was tainted with kerosene. We cannot repeat this for the final trip.

In conclusion, us not making it to our objective, was a series of unfortunate events. The weather and the lack of kerosene all played a part. Nevertheless, we will have a contingency plan for our recce. We are finally back on nice green pastures, all I can do now is look forward to going back to Manali. This concludes my expedition in India for May.

Samuel Chin

Samuel, doing some reflection

Last outfield dinner!


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