Day 5 — Middle of Nowhere — Batal — Lake Chandertal — Batal

Redefine Your Limits

Day 5 — Middle of Nowhere — Batal — Lake Chandertal — Batal

The first night sleeping outdoors was peaceful. We woke up to a bright and sunny morning. Today, our objective was to pack everything up and move to another camp just before the base camp. We took a two hour jeep ride to Batal, put down our stuff and left for an acclimatization walk at a nearby (1 hour ride) national park.

Look at all the sheep!

Around the park, we saw many other tourists setting up camp, as it was illegal to actually camp in the park itself. We took a 30 minute walk and what we saw at the end of the trail got us very excited. At an altitude of 4400m above sea level, we found ourselves facing a clear blue lake with a mini sandy beach. Samuel, being Samuel, did not hesitate to strip till his paper underwear and jumped into the lake. Others followed suit and they spent a wonderful afternoon freezing in the cold water. Apart from swimming, we also conducted a photo shoot that artistically captured the hot-young-ladies of the members of our team. It was an unforgettable experience.

Long walk to Lake Chandertal

Behold the clear blue lake!

Samuel in his, you know, paper underwear

All the swimmers!

Yi Qian decided to jump in after ten minutes

Walk back to the car

We met Yong Siang on the way back as he sprained his ankle and was not able to join us for the walk. After lunch, we had some rest and started to pack for the journey to base camp. Somehow, I’m not surprised that the manpower that actually turns up is short of what we expected. I hope that this small change would not affect our mission.

Batal, last form of civilisation

The effects of the high altitude are very obvious, especially after we arrived here by jeep. At first, even walking would cause a little bit of breathlessness. After sometime, our bodies adjusted to the low oxygen levels. All is well today. Yi Qian had some light headache but I think it will subside after a good night’s sleep.

Javier Su

Yong Siang’s ultra pro selfie skills with DSLR


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