Day 3 — Manali — Trekking

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Day 3 — Manali — Trekking

The night at Mayflower Hotel was awesome. The place is spacious and rather close to the town centre. We had a simple breakfast with eggs & toasts, nothing too special. After breakfast, we started our first training. It was an acclimatisation hike up one of the hills near our hotel. The first few days of training are usually the most tiring sessions. We just arrived at a rather high altitude and we needed some time to get our bodies adapted to the oxygen level. As usual, we got rewarded by the magnificent view of Manali from the top.


Sheep! (or goats, I’m not sure)


Gigantic tree

View of Manali

After the morning training, we had lunch at an Indian restaurant in the town centre. They served one of the best Naans, Butter Chicken and Tandoori chicken we ever had. Somehow, we decided that we should be eating using our hands. It made lunch even more authentic and delicious.



After lunch, we had the afternoon free to roam around in the town. Honestly, Manali isn’t a really huge place and the shops were very much tourist oriented. I managed to get a pair of trekking boots to replace the pair of torn boots I brought from Singapore. We walked around aimlessly for a while and Samuel got approached by a boy who offered to clean his boots. We rejected him but he stayed around us for almost 20 minutes trying to convince us. We were quite surprised by his persistence but we were also contemplating whether giving him money was the right thing to do. When he saw us walking back to our hotel, he gave up.

This will sound cliché but just spending a day in town observing how the locals live their life really made us wonder about our aim here. We are spending so much money here to experience “hardship”, but how can it ever be compared to the real deal some of the people here are going through.

Javier Su


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