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Day 3 – 双桥沟 (Shuang Qiao Gou)

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Day 3 – 双桥沟 (Shuang Qiao Gou)

Waking up at 0745 hours and wrapped up in our bed sheets, there was a sense of excitement and nervousness. We did not know what to expect. Will the training be too intense? Will we be able to remember all the lessons that were taught to us? There were so many questions and doubts unanswered. After a heavy breakfast, we set off for our training site.


Han Xiao all geared up

When we got to the training site, there were a few things that we had to learn. We learnt how to scale a hard snow slope with just our mountain boots and ice axe. It took some time to get used to it but we were able to do it confidently afterwards! We also learnt how to abseil down a slope. It was quite daunting for most of us, as we were hanging 30m downslope, and we had to remember our techniques while abseiling down a rope. Time passed quickly and before we knew it, we had to end our training at 1530 hours. We proceeded back to 双桥沟 (Shuang Qiao Gou) to rest and have our dinner. We were so tired that all of us fell asleep on the way back.


Basic walking on snow


Samuel and Javier, with Raymond photo-bombing the background

After dinner we went to Edwin’s room for a short briefing. During the briefing, everyone’s head was bobbing up and down, as we were all falling asleep.

All in all, we had a fun filled day. Initially we were nervous, but we got used to the snow and began enjoying moving around the snow slope. We will be climbing a frozen waterfall tomorrow! We are all excited and pumped up. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

Raymond Te


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