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Day 2 – 双桥沟 (Shuang Qiao Gou)

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Day 2 – 双桥沟 (Shuang Qiao Gou)

After a good night’s sleep, we woke up at 0645 hours to get ready to set off for the valley. The trip was estimated to be around 6 hours and we left at 0815 hours sharp. Fortunately, we did not get trapped in the peak hour traffic jam.


Tibetan prayer flags

The journey up the mountain was really bumpy. The main reason was that we passed through an area that was devastated by an earthquake. Rubble from the mountains surrounding the valley was all over the place. Yet, it was truly an interesting ride. We transited from being in an urban environment, to a disaster area, then to a snowy landscape and finally up to a magnificent mountain. We are really grateful of the support staff for ferrying us safely.


Group photo at the earthquake site

On the way, we stopped over at 日隆镇 (Ri Long Zhen) for lunch. The experience that we got after having bowls of piping hot noodles was worth the cold and uneven journey up. Around 1630 hours, we set foot into our base camp in 双桥沟 (Shuang Qiao Gou). Shortly after, we collected our equipment and fitted our crampons. We had dinner after and the spread really blew our minds. It was easily the best meal we had so far since we came to 成都 (Cheng Du). It felt really like home cooked food and it definitely gave a good start for our training here.




Home cooked noodles

We ended the day eating barbecue mutton and mushrooms (freshly plucked from the mountains) while learning a few knots for the training tomorrow. I am really glad that everyone is more or less feeling alright here in the high altitude. From the way we eat, I can surely say that everyone still had their appetite.

Looking forward to training tomorrow.

Javier Su


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