Day 15 — Base Camp — Training Camp

Redefine Your Limits

Day 15 — Base Camp — Training Camp

It was a great rest last night as it wasn’t as cold. I can only look forward to the end of today as we were heading back to Training Camp, where it will be much, much, warmer. Deep inside me, I knew that it was going to be a tough day. I had frostnip on my toes: my toes were pretty swollen and I had a hard time just trying to wear my boots.

Those are serious man

When we began our descent, I was very sure I would be limping all the way down. After crossing the knife ridge that we came from, we arrived at a steep slope. I couldn’t believe that we actually climbed up this a few days ago. It was a safe slope to slide down as the cliffs were quite far off from where we were. We sat on the snow and began sliding down, which saved us quite a bit of time. It was actually super fun to slide down almost 200m of snow!

The ridge we came from

Shall we slide down?

Longest slide ever (all the way from the top)

Sadly, that was the only area where we could slide. Further down, the slopes were not steep enough and even further down, the snow had already melted. The walk from this point on took about three hours.

Photo with the guides

When I arrived at Training Camp, I immediately gave some treatment to my feet. The treatment involved putting my feet in room temperature water. It was important for it to be room temperature water as anything hotter or colder could damage it further. The local guides took good care of me: they provided me with dry woollen socks and ointment to heal the frostnip.

All the snow has melted.

I ate a lot at dinner as I was famished and the food was great! There was meat during dinner! We were all looking forward to that. Sadly, some of us could not enjoy the food as much as our lips were all cracked. That’s a lesson learned for all of us. Take good care of ourselves!

All that meat…

After dinner, the chef came in with a cake! I initially thought it was a celebration for our successful summit, but I took a closer look and the words on the cake read: “Happy Birthday Ray”. I was really surprised! The team remembered my birthday and took the effort to prepare something for me. Many thanks to Edwin and Samuel who informed the chef about my birthday.

“Mountain cake”

Birthday Boy!

All in all, it was a good day as everyone was in high spirits. I will probably remember today for a very long time as it was the most painful yet touching birthday that I have ever had.

Raymond Te


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