Day 14 – Camp 1 (5256m) – Summit Camp (5490m)

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Day 14 – Camp 1 (5256m) – Summit Camp (5490m)

We had our acclimatisation trek from Camp I (5256m) to Summit Camp (5490m) and back yesterday. We will be moving from Camp I to Summit Camp today. Summit Camp is just below the pass (which we can name) and ridge that we are aiming to climb. Our initial plan was to leave Camp I at 0900 hours but after communicating with the advance party at Summit Camp with the walkie-talkies, we learned that Sunny and Bansi, our guides, were on their way to Camp I. As such, we decided to wait for them. The weather during this wait was erratic. It was snowy and sunny at the same time and we adjusted ourselves accordingly.

Camp I filled with snow

Do you wanna build a snowman?

Anil wasn’t feeling too well for the previous days and thus was resting at ABC. He made the journey in the morning and arrived in Camp I by 1000 hours. We had a chat with him while waiting for Sunny and Bansi to return from Summit Camp. They said that there was about 5 inches of snow at Summit Camp the previous night. That was demoralizing, but Edwin still gave the green light for us to push forward and wait at Summit Camp.

Packing up Camp I

Much better weather today!

Relatively good visibility

Crossing the snowfield once again

Yong Siang crossing a stream

We had a simple lunch at Camp I. After which we packed our belongings and pushed on to Summit Camp. The walk was quite fast even though we were carrying quite heavy backpacks.

Upon arrival at the Summit Camp, we needed to pitch our tents on uneven ground once again. We quickly levelled the ground and pitched our tents. Following that, we discussed the plan for the summit push and confirmed everything. We were to leave at 0330 hours the following morning. This meant that we needed to sleep as early as possible to get a good night’s rest.

Team shot at Summit Camp

Pitching our tents

It snowed some time after

Raymond and Samuel nestled in their sleeping bags

We were served maggi soup with some vegetable rice and of course, chai. We slept immediately after that. We are all excited for tomorrow. We don’t know what’s ahead of us.

Ozgun Balaban

Mount SUTD illuminated as the sun sets

Wei Zhen catching a beautiful picture of Mount SUTD and snow falling


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