Day 12 – 成都 (Cheng Du) / Singapore!

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Day 12 – 成都 (Cheng Du) / Singapore!

It’s our final day in 成都 (Cheng Du)! Yi Qian and Yong Siang went for a traditional chinese medicine massage last night and came back with “octopus circles” on their backs. They went for some bottle suction massage. It was apparently quite comfortable for them. A pity I don’t have pictures of the aftermath. We woke up at about 10am and set for 锦里 (Jin Li), an ancient town in the heart of Chengdu.

Upon arrival at 锦里 (Jin Li), I was surprised that these ancient buildings were actually maintained, refurbished, and occupied! I felt like I entered a totally different world. It’s like entering one of those movies with an ancient china theme. The experience was great! As usual, we were starving and headed straight out for the food street. The food was tasty and affordable! We mainly ate the BBQ stuff on sticks. Yong Siang was adventurous enough to try a rabbit head and he said that it tasted like normal meat, except that it was hard to access certain parts of the head. (The lack of pictures in this blog post was due to the fact that we were feasting most of the time and our hands were too dirty to take any pictures. Well, this is evident that the food was great!) 

Some of us headed back to decathlon again (a sports shop) to stock up on more goods that we need for our next trip to India. The others continued to walk around 锦里 (Jin Li). We met back at the lodge in the afternoon and headed out to a chinese restaurant for lunch but sadly, they were already closed. We had no other choice but to have food at the more westernized restaurants that don’t take lunch breaks.

After lunch, we did our last minute shopping at Carrefour. We bought sweets, dried pork, preserved goods, and many Sichuan local delicacies. We then went back to our lodge, packed our stuff, and left for the airport at 5pm.


Something like blown up solidified candy.


A noodle shop in 锦里 (Jin Li)


Some of the local delicacies we ate before staining our hands.


Some teamwork in eating going on there.

I reflected on the experiences during this trip on the way to the airport.

I think all of us did well and deserve a round of applause! I still remember the first day we arrived at 双桥沟 (Shuang Qiao Gou), all of us were wrapped up tightly in our winter jackets, thick socks, shoes. As time went by, we began walking around in our slippers and shorts even though it was below 0 degrees Celsius outside. During training, we were battered and bruised physically but were never beaten mentally. At the final day of our Ice Climbing Training, we managed to ascend a WI5 rating waterfall, albeit a short portion of it. Finally, 6 out of 8 of us pushed ourselves to our physical limits and made it up 大峰 (Da Feng) to enjoy a breath taking view of a sea of clouds and mountain ranges. Having said all that, there are more challenges awaiting us.

We did make it up a 5038m mountain, but we are going for something higher. We are going into a mountain range that is entirely unchartered. We have to prepare ourselves physically over the next 9 months. The training is going to be tough, but we will overcome it. I am positive that we will all be a lot fitter by the next training in May 2014, in India.

India, we’re coming!



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