Day 11 — Training Camp

Redefine Your Limits

Day 11 — Training Camp

It has been raining and snowing for 2 days straight… Didn’t get a wink of sleep last night and neither did Raymond – our tent was flooded in a few places and we couldn’t sleep since our drenched sleeping bags no longer shielded us from the cold.

We finally gave up on sleeping and waited till morning. We kept hoping that there would be sun in the morning, but there wasn’t. The bad weather persisted, preventing us from ascending to base camp.

Braving the wind, rain and snow, we repaired the floor underneath our tent with loose soil, dried grass and small rocks. Hopefully we’ll be able to sleep tonight.

Nothing to do then take photo of trees lor

There was a campfire in the evening. They used Kerosene to light the fire and burn their rubbish too. That is all for today. Boring, isn’t it?

Andrew Toh

Got fire but still cold

Only light in the darkness — our meal tent


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