Day 11 – 日隆镇 (Ri Long Zhen) / 成都 (Cheng Du)

Redefine Your Limits

Day 11 – 日隆镇 (Ri Long Zhen) / 成都 (Cheng Du)

It’s always hard to say Goodbye!

Today, we leave the place where we stayed for 10 days. There were many wonderful memories we had here: home-cooked 四川 (Si Chuan) dishes; traditional Tibetan drinks; 小粘粘 (Little Sticky) who had accompanied us to the summit of 大峰 (Da Feng), 5038m; the clear blue skies; and last but not least, our unforgettable climbing experience.



After a simple breakfast, we left 日隆镇 (Ri Long Zhen) at 10 a.m. On the way back to 成都 (Cheng Du), we passed by the summit of the hometown of giant panda at 巴郎山 (Ba Lang Shan) and took a group photo with Edwin.


A good shot of the surrounding mountains

The toilet at the mountain is really challenging you can see it at the corner of this panorama. The scenery was amazing!

We passed by a particular town again which was badly hit by the 四川(Si Chuan) earthquake 5 years ago. It reminded me of the famous movie Tangshan Earthquake. This place was once full of flowers, but now, all you see are millions of pieces of rock and debris. It is just hard for me to imagine what this was once like.

We arrived at 成都 (Cheng Du) at 4 p.m. and finally drank the mouth-watering pudding milk tea from Coco that we dreamt of for ‘endless’ nights. We went to the Decathlon (a sports shop) again to stock up for the coming trip in India. Edwin treated us to dinner in a local Chinese restaurant. The fish was very big and I have a feeling it’s about 2 kilograms.


Us at a Chinese Restaurant. The food was delicious and affordable!

It was a relaxing day after days of training and I hope we can explore more of 成都 (Cheng Du) tomorrow! 

Han Xiao


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