Day 10 (return to SG): Peng Mao Yu

Redefine Your Limits

Day 10 (return to SG): Peng Mao Yu

Finally back to the concrete ground of the city! It felt a bit foreign as our bodies had already been accustomed to the soil and rocks of the wilderness.
Returning to Singapore today, we bid farewell to our cosy little house in Cheng Du and had breakfast at Dicos after reaching Chengdu Railway Station, satisfying our inner cravings by having fast food (hamburgers, fried chickens, French fries etc )!

We boarded the high-speed rail train towards Chong Qing with the journey taking an hour plus to reach our destination. After which we took a taxi to Chong Qing International airport. We made sure to have good bargain for the cab fare before getting on the car. As we did not buy any check-in luggages and the on the spot sales for check in luggages was pretty steep at $15/kg. Hence, we decided to repack our luggages and remove the unnecessary and heavier loads (ESPECIALLY OUR FAVOURITE YOGHURT DRINK AND WALNUNT PEANUT MILK that we wanted to treat our beloved family and friends..) and donated the extra food and tidbits to the cleaners working at the airport.
Even though we could not enjoy these treats with our friends back in Singapore but coincidentally in the seasons of giving (Christmas was yesterday), a tinge of satisfaction emerged as we see the smiling faces of the cleaner aunties and nothing could be more rewarding that that.

I believe karma worked its way around as we were very lucky to be offered seats at the plane’s emergency exits with extra leg space! Although there are only the five of us, however we had three rows all to ourselves! This marked an amazing full stop to our Ice Climbing journey. Sometimes, as the saying goes “Give more than you take” taught us that it is not about receiving but more of giving that gave happiness. Off we go, boarding on West Airlines and had a good slumber before reaching Singapore again.
A job well done to the first batch of SUTD Ice Climbers in 2016.

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