Day 10 – Base Camp (4400m) – Advanced Base Camp (5006m)

Redefine Your Limits

Day 10 – Base Camp (4400m) – Advanced Base Camp (5006m)

A full day of rest yesterday precedes our movement up to Advanced Base Camp (5006m). The ABC is just 100m (in altitude) away from the Intermediate Camp where we left our equipment. Compared to the previous trip, the climb up to IC today was a breeze. We took just one hour and thirty minutes, which was way below our previous timing of almost three hours. Once we were at IC, we took a short lunch break and continued our journey to ABC.

Datto pani? (Hot water?)

Moving out today!

Loading the horses with supplies

Hello there birdy, isn’t it cold at night?


Dismantling Base Camp

All packed up!

Back into the valley again

The change in terrain was rather abrupt. After IC, the rocks were looser and it was a little harder to manoeuvre. Furthermore, some of us helped the porters with some equipment and the climb took awhile.


Infinite number of loose rocks

ABC is situated at a fork between two streams. The area is relatively flat but filled with rocks. We evened out an area and started to pitch our tents. Samuel and I decided to take advantage of the stream to take a bath. This was my first time taking a shower at almost 5000m above sea level, moreover using freezing water. As the water touched my skin, the sensation of pins and needles filled my body. It didn’t help to have cold winds kissing our bodies.

Close to the snow line!

Hukam and Yi Qian

Arranging rocks to flatten the area

As I poured a bottle of water over my head, I felt a gush of dizziness that threatened to topple my balance. The whole thing took less than five minutes. Although it was cold, the whole post bath experience was wonderful. I felt clean and refreshed. My body also started to produce more heat and the shivers were gone.

As we were relaxing in the tent after tea, dark clouds loomed over our campsite. Suddenly, it began to snow. This was the first snow that we have seen on this trip. I really hope we do not get more of it. I spent the rest of the afternoon watching a movie “Catch me if you can” starring Leonardo Di Caprio and directed by Steven Spielberg. It felt good to have some technology up here. We were powered by the Sun. The unlimited power that the Sun provided reduced the need for us to conserve power. Maybe next time I will get a better solar charger and bring my laptop here. I always wanted to work up here in the mountains. Although there isn’t internet (maybe a satellite dish might help), the whole surreal experience might really improve productivity, as there are no distractions.

I can’t wait to get back to school.

Javier Su

Advanced Base Camp


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