Day 1 — Singapore — New Delhi — Chandigarh

Redefine Your Limits

Day 1 — Singapore — New Delhi — Chandigarh

Our final examinations ended yesterday. Before we even knew it, we were on a flight to India. Most of us didn’t really sleep the night before as we were busy packing for the trip. We did not want to forget anything as we would be away for a long time. It was really a surreal experience flying out right after our examinations, but if you asked me to do it again, we might perhaps reconsider.

We knew it would be best if we had a GoPro camera with us to catch footage of us in action. It would be inconvenient to take pictures and videos with a compact camera. We decided to take a gamble by buying it straight at the airport. Thankfully, they had it at a cheaper price and we grabbed it immediately.


The whole GoPro package


Window shot of India

Upon arrival at New Delhi, I was really surprised at their airport. It was my first time in India and I was not expecting such a developed airport! India is indeed a rapidly developing country. I can’t wait to see it in 10 years time. I’m thinking media portrayal of India has affected my initial impression of India, but that has definitely changed now.

We then took a connecting flight to Chandigarh. This flight was really interesting as it was a flight with 2 seats per row and there were only 2 columns. It felt more like a flying bus than an aircraft. In addition, the aircraft used propellors instead of turbines! How interesting. Our hotel, which was very well furnished and comfortable, was only a short drive from the airport


WIFI time


“Indian” indian food for the first time

There was some time before dinner, so we took a walk outside and saw that there were very few women on the streets. I guess this is the only observation I made that was congruent with my perceptions of India. This is probably due to the fact that the streets are quite unsafe for women to walk alone. I really hope that this will improve over the years.

India has been an eye-opening experience. There’s just so much to see. I can’t wait to explore more!

Samuel Chin


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