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Redefine Your Limits

Day 10 (return to SG): Peng Mao Yu

Finally back to the concrete ground of the city! It felt a bit foreign as our bodies had already been accustomed to the soil and rocks of the wilderness. Returning to Singapore today, we bid farewell to our cosy little house in Cheng Du and had breakfast at Dicos after reaching Chengdu Railway Station, satisfying…
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Day 9 (Back to Cheng Du): Mervin Ng

Finally we’ve reached the end of our adventures. Time to head back to chengdu. Just like how we got here we had to embark on a grueling 5 hours drive back. On our way back we chanced upon beautiful sceneries. One particular sight was amazing! We stood above a pool clouds and surrounded by gorgeous…
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Day 7 (Ascend to Base Camp): Vivian Lai

As usual, we struggled out of our cozy warm heated bed 30 minutes before breakfast was served at 8am. After our sumptuous hot meal, we went back to prepare and get ready to set off for the climb. We started our trek from Rilong and hiked from the entrance of Haizi Gou. Junwen and Yuxin…
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Day 6 (Ice Climbing Day 3.5 and Travelling to Ri Long): Mervin Ng

It was the final day of ice climbing. Today’s hike up to the frozen waterfall training ground is by far the steepest. As I have just recovered from AMS (acute mountain sickness), this came especially shocking to me, as I even struggled to make my way to the toilet in the middle of the night.…
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Day 4 (Ice Climbing Day 2): Joo Ern

The day began with a wretched alarm that rang 30 minutes earlier than the agreed upon time. The room with Loo Jun Wen (21), Mao and myself all woke up and started packing our bags for the day and putting on them cumbersome snow boots. This was followed by a quick check on Mervin who…
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Day 3 (Ice Climbing Day 1): Jin Yu Xin

Waking up at 8.00am in an altitude of 3500m, I felt a little dizzy and the lack of proper rest due to several nightmares last night was preventing me from getting out of the bed. After a few days, I  came to realize that insomnia and nightmares are common symptoms in high altitudes because of…
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Day 2 (journey to Shuang Qiao Gou): Peng Mao Yu

We dragged ourselves out of our cozy and comfortable beds after being woken up at 7am by the blaring alarms of 6 mobile phones. We had yoghurt drinks, walnut milk as well as some snacks for a light breakfast. The long anticipated journey to Siguniang is about to begin! It started off as a drowsy…
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Day 1 (arrival in CQ, to CD): Jin Yu Xin

Our plane departed from Singapore Changi Airport at 12:35am on 17th Dec 2016. Looking out of the airplane window, you can see the city sleeping soundly like a child with golden sparks glowing small and distant. After an uncomfortable sleep, we finally reached Chongqing around 5:00 AM. The temperature there was 20 ℃ lower than…
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