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Redefine Your Limits

Day 6 – Hanoi: Vivian Lai Yee Qi

Woke up for hostel’s free breakfast (baguette and scrambled eggs) at 9:50am because our dear friend, Mao, fell sick and needed more rest. After which, we took our shower and checked out. Since it was our last day, we barely have any money left. We pulled together our money and thankfully we still have sufficient…
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Day 5 – Hanoi: Vivian Lai Yee Qi

“HANOI~HANOI~…” We arrived at Hanoi around 5:30am. Most of us dragged our feet down the train and all the way till our hostel. As it was very early in the morning, the streets are relatively empty. We were not allowed to check in to our hostel till 11:30am that day L. We left our bulky…
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Day 4 – Base Camp (2800m) – Fansipan (3143m): Peng Mao Yu

3am: The SUTD fansipians, exhausted from the climb up, fall asleep as the moon rises. All except for one, a wild Kunal woke up in the middle of the night in search for the gents. Despite his stealth attempt, his spark of light shone on the 3 sleeping beauties disrupting their sleep. 4am: Lightning flashes,…
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Day 3 – Hanoi – Lao Cai – Sapa – Base Camp (2800m): Benjamin Yong

We reached Lao Cai station at approximately 6.15am. The train ride was comfortable and cosy. At first glance of the surroundings, I felt the silence of the foggy atmosphere. It was deceiving as we stepped out of the station to be surrounded by a bustling town centre, where we met our contact driver. The drive…
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Day 2 – Hanoi: Isaac Ng

Day 2 has been tiring, surprisingly. The weather’s hot and walking around in slippers is tiring on my feet. I didn’t get all that much sleep because someone living in the same room was snoring away, but after playing rainymood on my headphones, I managed to get some sleep. Most of the day was spent…
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Day 1 – Singapore – Hanoi: Kunal Jhaveri

Well, D-day had arrived and we gathered at the airport after a few weeks of training. I could tell that we were pretty excited. For many of us, it was the first time going to Vietnam and for the freshies their first trip with the club. The first day was pretty chill, we reached the…
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