19th August 2017: Moving to Siemienova glacier (Vivian)

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19th August 2017: Moving to Siemienova glacier (Vivian)

Well, today we are leaving Karkara commercial camp and going to our base camp between OTC and OSM.

Initially, the thought of having to sleep on glacier ice frightens me a little as I’m a person who is extremely afraid of cold. In addition, we (9 of us + Edwin + our Russian guide) will be the only ones in the cold snowy weather. In other words, if anything goes wrong with the weather or if anyone fall critically ill, we could only wait for the helicopter to evacuate us. Furthermore, the operation of the helicopter is limited by the condition of the weather.

However, upon reaching the camp site and the camaraderie of the team helping on another out to pitch the tents, cook the meals and helping to look out for each other assures me. Prior to the trip, we did not expect any snowy conditions as the NUS team did not experience it on their stay here. However, it snowed!!!

And our Russian guide told us that we will be experiencing more windy and cloudy weather as compared to the previous team. I could not conclude if it is a blessing in disguise, as most of my team members seemed to enjoy the snowy weather and they even built a snow man with the help of our Russian guide. 


Hopefully the weather will clear out when we start our training tomorrow and during summit days.

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