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This is the Official Website for SUTD Mountaineering where we document all our Expeditions (in Blogs), Trainings, Roadmap and Upcoming Trips! Our primary and longstanding aim is to cultivate the love for outdoors and appreciation of nature through affordable and accessible hiking opportunities as well as more technical mountaineering expeditions for the ardent mountaineer! Contact us at for any enquiries or partnership opportunities!

What we do

We are versatile

Well…We Climb Mountains

Mostly in the Asia Region but looking forward to explore the other parts of the world!

Outdoor Adventures

From SNCS Climbing to Kayaking to an adventure camp.


Paracord bracelets, managing altitude sickness, layering workshops, roping techniques etc.


Ong Teng Cheong Peak


  Located in south eastern Kazakhstan near the Kyrgyz border


Mt Dafeng & Ice Climb

Si Chuan, China

Located in Mt Siguniang, Si Chuan, China (5038m)

Our Local Trips

Due to the unfortunate pandemic that is COVID-19, we are unable to have overseas trips. So, we went for local hikes, trails and climbs instead. We can’t wait to travel again!

Southern Ridges Hike

On 6 March 2021, our mountaineers went for an afternoon hike starting at Kent Ridge Park and ending with a breathtaking sunset at Henderson Waves.

Coast-to-Coast Trail

On 29 December 2020, our mountaineers woke up early and tirelessly persevered on a 36km journey from Jurong Lake Gardens to Punggol Waterway.

Bukit Timah Hill

On October 26 2020, our mountaineers went from the East to the West to scale our very own Bukit Timah Hill! 

SNCS Level 1

In December 2020, our mountaineers got themselves certified in Level 1 climbing! Congratulations!

Our Mountaineers’ Stories

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our fellow mountaineers have to say.

Teng Fone

SUTD Mountaineer
Class of 2021

SUTD Mountaineering has brought me great opportunities and a way of connecting with friends from different pillars to the same interest. Not only it serves as a great way to de-stress by exercising with friends but also allows you to go for once in a lifetime opportunity trips.

Mountaineering has also taught me to be disciplined and equipped me with the skills to work together as a team as teamwork is extremely important when scaling a mountain.


SUTD Mountaineer
Class of 2022

My journey in SUTD Mountaineering has taken me around the world to places that I would haver never imagined. It provided me a platform to push my boundaries and develop as an all rounded person. The training programs that are in place at SUTD mountaineering has helped to challenge myself physically and mentally.

I have also been able to meetlike minded people who encourage each other during trainings and expeditions.I have been able to forge friendships with them that would last a lifetime.


SUTD Mountaineer
Class of 2019

The hardcore training all of us go through to build up our physical endurance, also allowed all of us to gel together.

It combines a lot of elements like climbing techniques, survival techniques, trekking, personal management and physical fitness; interdependent skills that build our repertoire as budding mountaineers.

Climbing with friends is the best thing. When the treks are much more difficult, we can depend on each other.

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